Price: $30+
Get Your Piece Printed On Something Cool!

I DON'T SELL PRINTS, because it's significantly cheaper and more efficient to take the high res file I'll give you to a Staples, Wallgreens, or OfficeDepot 

Throw Pillow

Small (16x16 inches) +$34

Medium (20x20 inches) +$45

Large (26x26 inches) +$53


Regular / Tall +$19.50

*always has white handle

all prices include US shipping

Outside US costs extra

Portraits / Characters

I determine pricing based on the complexity of the piece, and the time it takes me to complete it. While price may vary for your specific request, basic estimates are as follows:

$30 for one full color character, $60 for two, and $25 each additional character beyond that.

$30-$60 additional for each character that is in a more 'realistic/painting' style.

$25+ for backgrounds

I take partial payment up front, via paypal or Venmo, and the rest upon completion. 

If you're interested in a commission, please look at the guide below, and send info on what you'd like! Then we can discuss what the price for your piece might be, and when I can get it to you (in PNG format). 

Email about your business or stream to make sure we make your vision come out the way you want it!


Small (3x4 inches) +$4

Medium (5.5x5.5 inches) +$7

Large (8.5x8.5 inches) +$10

XLarge (14x14  inches) +$15

Price: $20 each

Pieces you can get at super low cost!

Thrifty Bits

WinxClub Fairy ID     cost: $10

Tell me your character's:

Name and type of magic

Look (photo refs are always good!) + eye & hair color

Generally skimpier outfit style + 2-3 favorite colors

Insect wing type

**background, female gender, body shape, and pose remain the same as example above

Send Me to Hogwarts     cost: $5

Tell me your character's:

Hogwarts House

Look (photo refs are always good!) + eye & hair color

3 favorite colors (for books!)

**background, body shape, and pose remain the same as example above - can be made to look any gender

Email me details of what you're looking for!

The Bite     cost: $20

Give me a picture and I will turn you into a vampire! - Castlevania inspired

Paler/less flushed skin

Fangs and pointed ears

Red eyes and more angular features

Glorious hair 

**background remains the same as example above

Chibi Face    cost: $10 (each)

Tell me/show me your character's face!

**background can be nothing, or a solid colored circle of your choice (as shown in examples)