Logo Price: $50 - $100
Get Your Piece Printed!

While it's significantly cheaper and more efficient to take the high res file I'll give you to a Staples, Wallgreens, or OfficeDepot - I can print any non-copyright infringing pieces on the following items!

Custom Twitch emotes  $30 each

Throw Pillow

Small (16x16 inches) +$34

Medium (20x20 inches) +$45

Large (26x26 inches) +$53


Regular / Tall +$19.50

*always has white handle

all prices include US shipping

Outside US costs extra

Logos / Emotes

  To look into getting an art commission, first have a look at the info below :)

TIMING: Digital paintings take around 2 weeks to complete, everything simpler takes within 1.

PRICE: I charge per person/character and pet, with additional cost to backgrounds and complexity.

* Simple gradient/color or sky backgrounds are free!

* A simple character (i.e. standard/modern clothing) is $30 per person, or $60 per person for digital paintings.

* A complex character (i.e. electronic armors, buckles galore, and ultra fancy garb) is $40 per or $70 per respectively.

If pricing and timing work for you, then please send the following info on what you'd like!

Email dawndragon.art@gmail.com about your business or stream to make sure we make your vision come out the way you want it!


Small (within 3 inches) +$4

Medium (within 6 inches) +$7

Large (within 9 inches) +$10

XLarge (withing 14  inches) +$15