HAHAHA yes!!! That looks so good! Thank you so much. - TheMantisStrike

HOLY POO (actually said the four letter word out loud), THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so talented!! I really cannot get over how great this is. Thank you SO much! That was so fast too.

 - dumgirl200

Yes it's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for the fast turn around! I love it!! - HadHerses

I LOVE IT I could cry - PmMeCatPictures

Looks perfect. Thank you for these, really great work - EvanF

WOW!! You nailed the art style, holy moly! - turbofax16

I am a total geek and gamer, with an adorable husband, trying to survive, and make the world a little brighter.

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Thank you!!! These are beautiful, and I'm so pleased with how much you are able to bring my vision to life. - MBrubaker

I've loved doing art since I could pick up a crayon, and even more when I found out it could make dreams seem a bit more real.

OH MY WORD!!! You are amazing! I love it!!!!  

- L.Graf

It’s fantastic! Wow, I love it - thank you!


- Jo B.

I seriously love how this turned out! Stellar work, great to work with, flexible, just an overall joy. Thank you so much! - L. Hale

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that's amazing! thank you so much! <3 <3 it looks gorgeous, you;re so talented - rabiya

Thank you, I'm very happy! I'll definitely be reaching out to you if I have any other commissions. -Astro_Deebo